International Working Group on
Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design
(CSCW in Design)

Since February 2008, a Technical Committee on CSCWD has been established under the IEEE SMC Society.



International Steering Committee

Chair & Co-Founder:

Prof. Jean-Paul Barthes (France)


Prof. Junzhou Luo (China)

Prof. Weiming Shen (Canada)


Prof. Weiming Shen (Canada)

Deputy Secretary:

Dr. Jianming Yong (Australia)


Prof. Pedro Antunes (New Zealand)
Prof. Marcos Borges (Brazil)
Prof. Kuo-Ming Chao (UK)
  Prof. Jano Moreira de Souza (Brazil)
Prof. Susan Finger (USA)
Prof. Giancarlo Fortino (Italy)
Prof. Liang Gao (China)
Prof. Ning Gu (China)
Prof. Anne James (UK)
  Prof. Peter Kropf (Switzerland)
Prof. Weidong Li (UK)
Prof. Peter X. Li (Canada)
Prof. Hwa Gyoo Park (Korea)
Prof. Jose Alberto Pino (Chile)
Prof. Tetsuo Tomiyama (Netherlands)
Prof. Amy Trappey (Taiwan)
Prof. Chunsheng Yang (Canada)
Prof. Yun Yang (Australia)
Prof. Qinghua Zheng (China)

Co-Founder & Honorable Chair:

Prof. Zongkai Lin (China)

Honorable Members:

Prof. Jay Nunamaker (USA)
Dr. Karl R. Lang (Hong Kong)
  Prof. Gilbert Young (Hong Kong)
Dr. Minzhe Zhao (Singapore)
Prof. Igor Hawryszkiewycz (Australia)
Prof. Tangqiu Li (China)
Prof. Mary Lou Maher (Australia) (Australia)

International Workshops/Conferences

CSCW in Design 1996, Beijing, China
CSCW in Design 1997, Bangkok, Thailand
CSCW in Design 1998, Tokyo, Japan
CSCW in Design 1999, Compiegne, France
CSCW in Design 2000, HongKong
CSCW in Design 2001, London, Ontario, Canada
CSCW in Design 2002, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
CSCW in Design 2003/2004, Xiamen, China
CSCW in Design 2005, Coventry, UK
CSCW in Design 2006, Nanjing, China
CSCW in Design 2007, Melbourne, Australia
CSCW in Design 2008, Xi'an, China
CSCW in Design 2009, Santiago, Chile
CSCW in Design 2010, Shanghai, China
CSCW in Design 2011, Lausanne, Switzerland
CSCW in Design 2012, Wuhan, China
CSCW in Design 2013, Whistler, BC, Canada
CSCW in Design 2014, Hsinchu, Taiwan
CSCW in Design 2015, Calabria, Italy
CSCW in Design 2016, Nanchang, China
CSCW in Design 2017, Wellington, New Zealand

Publications (related books and proceedings)

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Weiming Shen, Douglas H. Norrie and Jean-Paul Barthes
Taylor and Francis, 2001


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